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This blog is maintained by Alina and Roger and is meant information and updates of everyday activities from around the globe and here in Northern Europe. This is "The way of personal branding" - A consulting business and ideas to get attention for your small business as well.

We live with comfort and harmony in the far north of the North European mountains and surrounding countryside that prevails here. We live in a great passion for the landscape, the climate and the environment. This means that we operate both in theory and practice very flexible to meet our daily life with its performances, adventures and challenges. We share in common the humility that this gift means to us.

Indeed, grateful we possess the common knowledge and experience about very much thanks to many years of study and a long working life. Through coordination and cooperation in many different areas, we create the network and form resources. Hence, we can answer any questions that come up here, and if we, contrary to expectation can not answer any specific question, then we can find out right answer for you. Welcome to our new website and blog!

Observe Human Rights

Forum ThreadsPosted by Roger K. Olsson Tue, January 24, 2017 23:47:53

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All of our diligent hard work finally paid off and we found this open source article directory for current information where everybody can share press releases and/or articles on any topics. We are now marketing this resource for the purpose of our aim and effort to gather all current information, knowledge and reports on human rights updates from all around the world. By this article directory distributed on the internet and mainly to news agencies we intend to market the page to all who have a commitment to human rights in the world as an information resource for defending human rights observation.

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Live Your Dream - But also give a gift to charity once a while!

Observando Derechos Humanos

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Todo nuestro trabajo diligente se ha pagado finalmente y encontrémonos este directorio de artículos de fuente abierta para información del día donde todos pueden compartir comunicaciones del imprensa y artículos de qualquier cosa. Ahora estamos promotando este recurso para el propósito de nuestros esfuerzos de juntar toda información recente, sabidúra y infórmes de derechos humanos del todo el mundo. Con este directorio de artículos distrubuido en la red y primeramente a las agencias de noticias, intentamos a promotar esta página a todos los que esten comentidos a los derechos humanos en el mundo como un recurso de informacíon para defender los observaciones de los derechos humanos.

Más que 2,4 billiones de gente usa el internet cada día y 90% de ella ha comprado algo o tomado contacto con una empresa durante los ultimos 12 meses. Si tiene usted una página web o planes de desarollar uno en el futuro recentemente es importante a monetizar el contento en la red. Con escribir artículos SEO ligado a su página se puede establizar contactos nuevos de una cadena de promoción barata como esta también. Los que quieran pueden publicar qualquier communicación del imprensa o artículo en qualquier lengua.

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!Viva su sueño - pero también deje un regalo al cáritas de vez en cuando!

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