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This blog is maintained by Alina and Roger and is meant information and updates of everyday activities from around the globe and here in Northern Europe. This is "The way of personal branding" - A consulting business and ideas to get attention for your small business as well.

We live with comfort and harmony in the far north of the North European mountains and surrounding countryside that prevails here. We live in a great passion for the landscape, the climate and the environment. This means that we operate both in theory and practice very flexible to meet our daily life with its performances, adventures and challenges. We share in common the humility that this gift means to us.

Indeed, grateful we possess the common knowledge and experience about very much thanks to many years of study and a long working life. Through coordination and cooperation in many different areas, we create the network and form resources. Hence, we can answer any questions that come up here, and if we, contrary to expectation can not answer any specific question, then we can find out right answer for you. Welcome to our new website and blog!

Auto Export / Import Online

TradePosted by Roger K. Olsson Thu, December 22, 2016 00:21:20

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High Quality Auto Supplies

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 23:59:48

Alfa Romeo

147 1,6 T.S (105 hk) Progression

147 1,6 T.S (120 hk) Progression

147 2,0 T.S Distinctive

147 2,0 T.S Distinctive Selespeed

159 1,9 JTD-M

159 1,9 JTD-M SW

159 1,9 JTS

159 1,9 JTS SW

159 2,2 JTS

159 2,2 JTS SW

159 2,4 JTD-M

159 2,4 JTD-M SW

159 3,2 Q4

159 3,2 Q4 SW

166 2,4 JTD Multijet Progression

166 2,4 JTD Mutlijet Distinctive Sportronic

166 3,2 V6 Distinctive

Crosswagon Q4 1,9 JTD Multijet Distinctive

GT 2,0 JTS Distinctive

GT 2,0 JTS Distinctive Selespeed

GT 2,0 JTS Progression

GT 3,2 V6 Distinctive


A3 1,6

A3 1,6 FSI

A3 1,9 TDI

A3 2,0 FSI

A3 2,0 TDI

A3 2,0 TDI Quattro

A3 2,0T FSI

A3 2,0T FSI Quattro

A3 3,2 Quattro

A4 1,8 T

A4 1,8 T Quattro

A4 2,0

A4 2,0 T FSI

A4 2,0 T FSI Quattro

A4 2,0 TDI

A4 2,0 TDI Quattro

A4 2,7 TDI

A4 3,0 TDI Quattro

A4 3,2 FSI

A4 3,2 FSI Quattro

A4 Avant 1,8 T

A4 Avant 1,8 T Quattro

A4 Avant 2,0

A4 Avant 2,0 T FSI

A4 Avant 2,0 T FSI Quattro

A4 Avant 2,0 TDI

A4 Avant 2,0 TDI Quattro

A4 Avant 2,7 TDI

A4 Avant 3,0 TDI Quattro

A4 Avant 3,2 FSI

A4 Avant 3,2 FSI Quattro

A4 Cabriolet 1,8T

A4 Cabriolet 2,0T FSI

A4 Cabriolet 3,2 FSI

A4 Cabriolet 3,2 FSI Quattro

A6 2,0 T FSI

A6 2,0 TDI

A6 2,4

A6 2,4 Quattro

A6 2,7 TDI

A6 2,7 TDI Quattro

A6 3,0 TDI Quattro

A6 3,2 FSI

A6 3,2 FSI Quattro

A6 4,2 Quattro

A6 Avant 2,0 T FSI

A6 Avant 2,0 TDI

A6 Avant 2,4

A6 Avant 2,4 Quattro

A6 Avant 2,7 TDI

A6 Avant 2,7 TDI Quattro

A6 Avant 3,0 TDI Quattro

A6 Avant 3,2 FSI

A6 Avant 3,2 FSI Quattro

A6 Avant 4,2 Quattro

A8 3,0 TDI Quattro

A8 3,2 Quattro

A8 4,2 Quattro

A8 4,2 TDI Quattro

A8 6,0 L Quattro

A8 6,0 Quattro

A8 L 3,0 TDI Quattro

A8 L 4,2 Quattro

A8 L 4,2 TDI Quattro

Q7 3,0 TDI Quattro

Q7 4,2 FSI Quattro


RS4 Avant

S4 Avant Quattro

S4 Cabriolet 4,2

S4 Quattro


S6 Avant

S8 Quattro








318ci Cabriolet

318ci Coupé

318d Sedan

318d Touring

318i Sedan

318i Touring

320cd Cabriolet

320cd Coupé

320ci Cabriolet

320ci Coupé

320d Sedan

320d Touring

320i Sedan

320i Touring

325ci Cabriolet

325ci Coupé

325i Sedan

325i Touring

325xi Sedan

325xi Touring

330cd Cabriolet

330cd Coupé

330ci Cabriolet

330ci Coupé

330d Sedan

330d Touring

330i Sedan

330i Touring

330xd Sedan

330xd Touring

330xi Sedan

330xi Touring

520d Sedan

520d Touring

523i Sedan

523i Touring

525d Sedan

525d Touring

525i Sedan

525i Touring

525xi Sedan

525xi Touring

530d Sedan

530d Touring

530i Sedan

530i Touring

530xd Sedan

530xd Touring

530xi Sedan

530xi Touring

535d Sedan

535d Touring

540i Sedan

550i Sedan

550i Touring

630i Cabriolet

630i Coupé

650i Cabriolet

650i Coupé












M3 Cabriolet

M3 Coupé

M5 Sedan

M6 Coupé

X3 2,0d SAV

X3 2,0i SAV

X3 2,5i SAV

X3 3,0d SAV

X3 3,0i SAV

X5 3,0d SAV

X5 3,0i SAV

X5 4,4i SAV

X5 4,8is SAV

Z4 2,0i Roadster

Z4 2,5i Roadster

Z4 2,5Si Roadster

Z4 3,0Si Roadster

Z4 M Roadster









Evanda 2,0 CDX

Kalos 1,2 S

Kalos 1,2 SE

Kalos 1,4 SE

Kalos 1,4 SX

Lacetti 1,4 SE

Lacetti 1,6 SX

Matiz 0,8 S

Matiz 1,0 SE

Nubira Kombi 1,6 SX

Nubira Kombi 1,8

Suburban 5,7 L

Tacuma 2,0 CDX


300 C 2,7

300 C 3,0 CRD

300 C 3,5

300 C 5,7

300 C Touring 2,7

300 C Touring 3,0 CRD

300 C Touring 3,5

300 C Touring 3,5 AWD

300 C Touring 5,7

300 C Touring 5,7 AWD


Crossfire Cabrio

Crossfire SRT-6

Crossfire SRT-6 Cabrio

Grand Voyager 2,8 CRD

Grand Voyager 3,3

PT Cruiser 1,6

PT Cruiser 2,2 CRD

PT Cruiser 2,4

PT Cruiser 2,4 Cabrio

PT Cruiser 2,4 GT

PT Cruiser 2,4 GT Cabrio

Sebring 2,7

Sebring Cab 2,7

Voyager 2,4

Voyager 2,8 CRD

Voyager 3,3


Berlingo Family 1,4i

Berlingo Family 1,6i

Berlingo Family HDi 90 hk

C2 1,4i VTR

C2 1,6i 16V VTS

C3 1,1i SX

C3 1,4i SX

C3 1,6i SensoDrive

C3 1,6i SX

C3 1,6i X-TR

C3 HDi 110 hk

C3 HDi 69 hk

C3 Pluriel 1,4

C3 Pluriel 1,6

C4 Coupé 1,4 VTR

C4 Coupé 1,6 VTR

C4 Coupé 2,0 VTR Pack

C4 Coupé 2,0 VTS

C4 Kombi-Coupé 1,4 SX

C4 Kombi-Coupé 1,6 SX

C4 Kombi-Coupé 1,6 SX Pack

C4 Kombi-Coupé 2,0 Exclusive

C4 Kombi-Coupé 2,0 SX Pack

C4 Kombi-Coupé HDi 110 hk SX

C4 Kombi-Coupé HDi 110 hk SX Pack

C5 1,8i X

C5 1,8i X Kombi

C5 2,0i SX

C5 2,0i SX Kombi

C5 3,0i V6 Exclusive

C5 3,0i V6 Exclusive Kombi

C5 HDi 110 hk Kombi

C5 HDi 110 hk SX

C5 HDi 136 hk SX Kombi

C5 HDi 138 hk Kombi

C5 HDi 138 hk SX

C5 HDi 138 hk SX Kombi

C6 3,0 V6

C6 3,0 V6 Exclusive

C6 3,0 V6 Lignage

C6 V6 HDi 208 hk

C6 V6 HDi 208 hk Exclusive

C6 V6 HDi 208 hk Lignage

C8 2,0i SX

C8 2,0i X

C8 3,0 V6 SX

C8 HDi 130 hk SX

Jumper 2,2 HDI Combi Club

Jumper 2,8 HDI Combi Club

Xsara Picasso 1,6i SX

Xsara Picasso 2,0i 16V Exclusive

Xsara Picasso HDi 110 hk


Viper SRT-10


612 Scaglietti

612 Scaglietti F1


F430 F1

F430 Spider

F430 Spider F1


Croma 1,9 JTD16V Dynamic

Croma 1,9 JTD16V Dynamic AT

Croma 2,2 Active

Croma 2,2 Dynamic

Croma 2,2 Dynamic AT

Doblò Panorama 1,6 16v Dynamic

Idea 1,4 16v Active

Panda 1,2 4X4 Climbing

Panda 1,2 Dynamic

Panda 1,2 Komfortpaket Dualogic

Punto 3D 1,2 16v 80 Dynamic

Punto 3D 1,2 60 Active

Punto 5D 1,2 16v 80 Dynamic

Punto 5D 1,2 60 Active

Punto 5D 1,2 60 Bi-Power Active

Stilo 3D 1,8 Dynamic

Stilo 5D 1,8 Dynamic

Stilo MW 1,8 Dynamic

Ulysse 2,0 Dynamic

Ulysse 2,2 JTD Admiral


Fiesta 1,3 Base




Fiesta 1,4 Ghia

Fiesta 1,4 Ghia EST

Fiesta 1,4 Style

Fiesta 1,4 Style EST

Fiesta 1,4 TDCi Style

Fiesta 1,6 Ghia

Fiesta 1,6 TDCi Style

Fiesta 2,0 ST

Focus 1,6 Ambiente

Focus 1,6 Ambiente Hgv

Focus 1,6 Ghia

Focus 1,6 Ghia Hgv

Focus 1,6 TDCi Ghia

Focus 1,6 TDCi Ghia Hgv

Focus 1,6 TDCi Titanium

Focus 1,6 TDCi Titanium Hgv

Focus 1,6 TDCi Trend

Focus 1,6 TDCi Trend Hgv

Focus 1,6 Ti-VCT Ghia

Focus 1,6 Ti-VCT Ghia Hgv

Focus 1,6 Ti-VCT Titanium

Focus 1,6 Ti-VCT Titanium Hgv

Focus 1,6 Ti-VCT Trend

Focus 1,6 Ti-VCT Trend Hgv

Focus 1,6 Trend

Focus 1,6 Trend Hgv

Focus 1,8 FFV Ghia

Focus 1,8 FFV Ghia Hgv

Focus 1,8 FFV Titanium

Focus 1,8 FFV Titanium Hgv

Focus 1,8 FFV Trend

Focus 1,8 FFV Trend Hgv

Focus 2,0 Ghia

Focus 2,0 Ghia Hgv

Focus 2,0 TDCi Ghia

Focus 2,0 TDCi Ghia Hgv

Focus 2,0 TDCi Titanium

Focus 2,0 TDCi Titanium Hgv

Focus 2,0 TDCi Trend

Focus 2,0 TDCi Trend Hgv

Focus 2,0 Titanium

Focus 2,0 Titanium Hgv

Focus 2,0 Trend

Focus 2,0 Trend Hgv

Focus C-MAX 1,6 Ambiente

Focus C-MAX 1,6 TDCi Ambiente

Focus C-MAX 1,6 TDCi Ghia

Focus C-MAX 1,6 TDCi Trend

Focus C-MAX 1,6 Ti-VCT Ghia

Focus C-MAX 1,6 Ti-VCT Trend

Focus C-MAX 1,6 Trend

Focus C-MAX 1,8 FFV Ambiente

Focus C-MAX 1,8 FFV Ghia

Focus C-MAX 1,8 FFV Trend

Focus C-MAX 1,8 Trend

Focus C-MAX 2,0 Ghia

Focus C-MAX 2,0 TDCi Ghia

Focus C-MAX 2,0 TDCi Ghia P

Focus C-MAX 2,0 TDCi Trend

Focus C-MAX 2,0 Trend

Focus ST Fusion 1,4 Elegance

Fusion 1,4 Elegance EST

Fusion 1,4 Style

Fusion 1,4 Style EST

Fusion 1,4 TDCi Style

Fusion 1,6 Elegance

Fusion+ 1,4

Fusion+ 1,4 EST

Fusion+ 1,4 TDCi

Fusion+ 1,6

Galaxy 2,0 Ghia

Galaxy 2,0 TDCi PF Ghia

Galaxy 2,0 TDCi PF Trend

Galaxy 2,0 Trend

Ka 1,3

Ka Collection 1,3

Maverick 2,3 XLT

Maverick 3,0 V6 XLT BC-kit

Maverick 3,0 V6 XLT Shadow Gr

Mondeo 3,0 V6 ST 220

Mondeo 3,0 V6 ST 220 Hgv

Mondeo Titanium 2,0

Mondeo Titanium 2,0 Hgv

Mondeo Titanium 2,0 Hgv P

Mondeo Titanium 2,0 P

Mondeo Titanium 2,2

Mondeo Titanium 2,2 Hgv

Mondeo Titanium 2,5

Mondeo Titanium 2,5 Hgv

Mondeo Titanium 3,0

Mondeo Titanium 3,0 Hgv

Mondeo Titanium X 2,0

Mondeo Titanium X 2,0 Hgv

Mondeo Titanium X 2,0 Hgv P

Mondeo Titanium X 2,0 P

Mondeo Titanium X 2,2

Mondeo Titanium X 2,2 Hgv

Mondeo Titanium X 2,5

Mondeo Titanium X 2,5 Hgv

Mondeo Titanium X 3,0

Mondeo Titanium X 3,0 Hgv

S-MAX 2,0 TDCi PF Titanium

S-MAX 2,0 TDCi PF Trend

S-MAX 2,5T Titanium

S-MAX 2,5T Trend

S-MAX, 2,0 Titanium

S-MAX, 2,0 Trend

Sport Ka 1,6

Tourneo 9P

X Ka 1,3


Accord 2,0 Comfort

Accord 2,0 Sport

Accord 2,2 Executive iCTDi

Accord 2,2 Sport iCTDi

Accord 2,4 Executive

Accord 2,4 Type-S

Accord Tourer 2,0 Comfort

Accord Tourer 2,0 Sport

Accord Tourer 2,2 Executive iCTDi

Accord Tourer 2,2 Sport iCTDi

Accord Tourer 2,4 Executive

Civic 1,3 Hybrid

Civic 1,4 Comfort

Civic 1,8 Comfort

Civic 1,8 Executive Navi

Civic 1,8 Sport

Civic 1,8 Sport AMT

Civic 2,2 Comfort iCTDi

Civic 2,2 Sport iCTDi

CR-V 2,0 ES

CR-V 2,0 Executive

CR-V 2,0 LS

CR-V 2,2 ES iCTDi

CR-V 2,2 Executive iCTDi

FR-V 1,7 Comfort

FR-V 2,0 Executive

Jazz 1,4 LS



Accent 1,6

Atos 1,1


Elantra 2,0 Getz 1,1

Getz 1,4

Getz 1,5 CRDi

Getz 1,6

Matrix 1,5 CRDi

Matrix 1,8

Santa Fe (nya) 2,2 CRDi

Santa Fe (nya) 2,2 CRDi 7-sits

Santa Fe (nya) 2,7 V6

Santa Fe 2,0 CRDi

Santa Fe 2,4

Santa Fe 2,7 V6

Sonata 2,0 CRDi

Sonata 2,4 Business

Sonata 2,4 Exclusive

Sonata 3,3 V6

Terracan 2,9 CRDi

Trajet 2,0

Trajet 2,0 CRDi

Trajet 2,7 V6

Tucson 2,0

Tucson 2,0 CRDi

Tucson 2,7 V6


S-type 2,7D V6 Classic

S-type 2,7D V6 Executive

S-type 3,0L V6 Classic

S-type 3,0L V6 Executive

S-type 4,2L S/C V8 R

S-type 4,2L V8 Executive

XJ Super V8 4,2L S/C LWB

XJ6 2,7D V6 Executive

XJ6 3,0L V6 Executive

XJ8 4,2L V8 Executive

XJ8 4,2L V8 Sovereign LWB

XJR 4,2L V8 S/C

X-type 2,2L D Classic

X-type 2,2L D Executive

X-type 2,2L D Sport

X-Type 2,5L Classic

X-Type 2,5L Executive

X-type 3,0L V6 Executive

X-type 3,0L V6 Sport

X-type Estate 2,2L D Classic

X-type Estate 2,2L D Executive

X-type Estate 2,2L D Sport

X-type Estate 2,5L V6 Classic

X-type Estate 2,5L V6 Executive

X-type Estate 3,0L V6 Executive

X-type Estate 3,0L V6 Sport


Cherokee 2,8 CRD

Cherokee 3,7

Grand Cherokee 3,0 CRD

Grand Cherokee 4,7

Grand Cherokee 5,7 Wrangler 4,0


Carens 2,0 EX

Carnival 2,5 V6 EX

Carnival 2,5 V6 LX

Carnival 2,9 CRDi EX

Carnival 2,9 CRDi LX

Cerato 1,6 4d

Cerato 1,6 5d

Cerato 2,0 5d

Magentis 2,0 EX

Magentis 2,0 LX

Magentis 2,7 V6 EX

Opirus 3,5 V6

Picanto 1,0 LX

Picanto 1,1 ECO

Picanto 1,1 EX

Rio 1,4 EX

Rio 1,6 Sport

Sorento 2,4 EX

Sorento 2,4 LX

Sorento 2,5 CRDi EX

Sorento 2,5 CRDi LX

Sorento 3,5 V6 EX

Sportage 2,0 2WD

Sportage 2,0 4WD

Sportage 2,0 CRDi 4WD

Sportage 2,7 4WD

Land Rover

Defender 110 SW

Defender 90 SW

Discovery TDV6

Discovery V8

Freelander TD4

Range Rover Sport TDV6

Range Rover Sport V8

Range Rover Sport V8 S/C

Range Rover TD6

Range Rover V8

Range Rover V8 S/C


GS 300

GS 430

GS 450H

IS 220d

IS 250

LS 430

RX 350

RX 400H

SC 430


Elise 111r


Coupé Cambiocorsa

Coupé Gransport

Coupé GT

Gransport Spyder


Quattroporte Executive GT

Quattroporte Sport GT


2 1,25 Base

2 1,25 Comfort

2 1,4 Comfort 2 1,4 Comfort ASM

2 1,6 Comfort

3 4D 1,6 Comfort

3 4D 1,6 Exclusive

3 4D 1,6 Exclusive AT

3 4D 1,6 Touring

3 4D 2,0 Exclusive

3 4D 2,0 Sport

3 5D 1,4 Comfort

3 5D 1,6 Comfort

3 5D 1,6 Exclusive

3 5D 1,6 Exclusive AT

3 5D 1,6 Touring

3 5D 2,0 Exclusive

3 5D 2,0 Sport

5 1,8 Comfort

5 1,8 Touring

5 2,0 DE Comfort

5 2,0 DE Sport

5 2,0 DE Touring

5 2,0 Sport

5 2,0 Touring

6 4D 1,8 Touring

6 4D 2,0 DE Sport

6 4D 2,0 DE Touring

6 4D 2,0 Touring

6 4D 2,0 Touring AT

6 4D 2,3 Sport

6 5D 1,8 Touring

6 5D 2,0 DE Sport

6 5D 2,0 DE Touring

6 5D 2,0 Touring

6 5D 2,0 Touring AT

6 5D 2,3 Sport

6 Kombi 1,8 Touring

6 Kombi 2,0 DE Sport

6 Kombi 2,0 DE Touring

6 Kombi 2,0 Touring

6 Kombi 2,0 Touring AT

6 Kombi 2,3 Sport

6 MPS Sedan 4WD

MX-5 1,8

MX-5 2,0

MX-5 2,0 Sport



A 150 Sedan

A 160 CDI Sedan

A 170 Sedan

A 180 CDI Sedan

A 200 CDI Sedan

A 200 Sedan

A 200 Turbo

B 150

B 170

B 180 CDI

B 200

B 200 CDI

B 200 Turbo

C 160 Sportcoupé

C 180 Kompressor

C 180 Kompressor Kombi

C 180 Kompressor Sportcoupé

C 200 CDI

C 200 CDI Kombi

C 200 CDI Sportcoupé

C 200 Kompressor

C 200 Kompressor Kombi

C 200 Kompressor Sportcoupé

C 220 CDI

C 220 CDI Kombi

C 220 CDI Sportcoupé

C 230

C 230 Kombi

C 230 Sportcoupé

C 280

C 280 4MATIC

C 280 4MATIC Kombi

C 280 Kombi

C 320 CDI

C 320 CDI Kombi

C 350

C 350 4MATIC

C 350 4MATIC Kombi

C 350 Kombi

C 350 Sportcoupé

C 55 AMG

C 55 AMG Kombi

CL 500


CL 600


CLK 200 Kompressor

CLK 200 Kompressor Cab


CLK 280

CLK 280 Cab


CLK 320 CDI Cab

CLK 350

CLK 350 Cab

CLK 500

CLK 500 Cab


CLK 55 AMG Cab


CLS 350 Coupé

CLS 500 Coupé

CLS 55 AMG Coupé

E 200 CDI

E 200 Kompressor

E 200 Kompressor Kombi

E 200 NGT

E 220 CDI

E 220 CDI Kombi

E 280

E 280 4MATIC

E 280 4MATIC Kombi

E 280 CDI


E 280 CDI 4MATIC Kombi

E 280 CDI Kombi

E 280 Kombi

E 320 CDI


E 320 CDI Kombi

E 350

E 350 4MATIC

E 350 4-Matic kombi

E 350 Kombi

E 420 CDI

E 500

E 500 4MATIC

E 500 4MATIC Kombi

E 500 Kombi

E 55 AMG

E 55 AMG Kombi

G 270 CDI Station kort

G 270 CDI Station lång

G 320 Cabrio

G 320 Station kort

G 320 Station lång

G 400 CDI Cabrio

G 400 CDI Station kort

G 400 CDI Station lång

G 500 Cabrio

G 500 Station kort

G 500 Station lång

G 55 AMG Station lång

ML 280 CDI

ML 320 CDI

ML 350

ML 500


R 320 CDI

R 320 CDI Lång

R 350

R 350 Lång

R 500

R 500 Lång

S 320 CDI

S 320 CDI Lång

S 350

S 350 Lång

S 500

S 500 Lång

S 600 Lång

SL 350

SL 500


SL 600


SLK 200 Kompressor

SLK 280

SLK 350





Colt 3d 1,3 MPI

Colt 3d 1,5 Turbo

Colt 5d 1,1 MPI

Colt 5d 1,3 MPI

Colt 5d 1,5 MPI

Grandis 2,0 DI-D

Grandis 2,4 MPI

Lancer Evolution 2,0 MPI

Lancer Kombi 1,6 MPI

Lancer Kombi 2,0 MPI

Lancer Sedan 1,6 MPI

Lancer Sedan 2,0 MPI

Outlander 2,0 4WD Turbo

Outlander 2,4 4WD

Pajero Sport Pajero Wagon 3,2 DI-D

Pajero Wagon 3,5 GDI



350 Z

350 Z GT

Almera 3D 1,5 Visia

Almera 4D 1,8 Acenta

Almera Tino 5D 1,8 Acenta

Almera Tino 5D 1,8 Visia

Micra 3D 1,2 Acenta AC/CD

Micra 3D 1,2 Acenta CD

Micra 3D 1,2 Visia

Micra 3D 1,2 Visia AC/CD

Micra 3D 1,2 Visia CD

Micra 5D 1,2 Acenta AC/CD

Micra 5D 1,2 Acenta CD

Micra 5D 1,2 Visia AC/CD

Micra 5D 1,2 Visia CD

Micra 5D 1,4 Tekna ACC/CD

Murano 3,5 SE

Pathfinder 2,5 LE

Patrol 3,0 GR Elegance

Primera 4D 1,8 Visia

Primera 4D 2,0 Acenta

Primera 5D 2,0 Acenta

Primera 5D 2,0 Tekna

Primera Kombi 1,8 Visia

Primera Kombi 2,0 Acenta

Primera Kombi 2,0 Tekna

X-trail 2,0 Comfort

X-trail 2,2 Comfort

X-trail 2,2 Elegance

X-trail 2,2 Sport

X-trail 2,5 Elegance

X-trail 2,5 Sport


Astra 3d 1,4 GTC Twinport

Astra 3d 1,6 GTC Twinport

Astra 3D 1,6 GTC Twinport Easytronic

Astra 3d 1,9 CDTI

Astra 3d 1,9 CDTI GTC

Astra 3d 2,0 Turbo GTC

Astra 5d 1,4 Twinport

Astra 5d 1,6 Twinport

Astra 5d 1,6 Twinport Easytronic

Astra 5d 1,8

Astra 5d 1,9 CDTI

Astra 5d 2,0 Turbo

Astra GTC 3d 1,8

Astra Kombi 1,4

Astra Kombi 1,6

Astra Kombi 1,6 Easytronic

Astra Kombi 1,8

Astra Kombi 1,9 CDTI

Astra Kombi 2,0 Turbo

Combo Tour 1,3 CDTI

Combo Tour 1,4 Twinport

Combo Tour 1,6 CNG

Combo Tour 1,7 CDTI

Corsa 3D 1,2 Twinport

Corsa 3D 1,2 Twinport Easytronic

Corsa 3d 1,3 CDTI

Corsa 3d 1,3 CDTI Easytronic

Corsa 3D 1,4 Twinport

Corsa 3d 1,7 CDTI

Corsa 5d 1,2 Twinport

Corsa 5D 1,2 Twinport Easytronic

Corsa 5D 1,3 CDTI

Corsa 5D 1,3 CDTI Easytronic

Corsa 5d 1,4 Twinport

Corsa 5d 1,7 CDTI

Meriva 1,3 CDTI

Meriva 1,4 Twinport

Meriva 1,6 Twinport

Meriva 1,6 Twinport Easytronic

Meriva 1,7 CDTI

Meriva 1,8 Meriva 1,8 Easytronic

Tigra 1,4

Tigra 1,4 Easytronic

Tigra 1,8

Vectra 1,8 Kombikupé

Vectra 1,9 DTI Kombikupé

Vectra 2,0 Turbo Kombikupé

Vectra 2,2 Kombi

Vectra 2,2 Kombikupé

Vectra 2,8T V6 AT6 Kombikupé

Vectra 5d 1,9 DTI Kombikupé

Vectra 5d 1,9 DTI Kombikupé

Vectra 5d 2,8 V6 Kombikupé

Vectra Kombi 1,8

Vectra Kombi 1,9 CDTI

Vectra Kombi 1,9CDTI

Vectra Kombi 2,0 Turbo

Vectra Kombi 2,2

Vectra Kombi 2,8 V6

Vectra Kombi 2,8 V6 AT

Vivaro Combi 1,9 Dti L2H1

Vivaro Combi 2,0 L2H1

Vivaro Combi 2,5 DTI L2H1

Vivaro Tour 1,9 CDTI L1H1

Vivaro Tour 2,0 L1H1

Vivaro Tour 2,5 DTI L1H1

Zafira 1,6 Twinport

Zafira 1,8

Zafira 1,9 DTI

Zafira 2,2

Zafira 5D 1,9 DT

Zafira 5d 2,0 T


1007 1,4

1007 1,6

107 1,0 2Tronic 3D

107 1,0 2Tronic 5D

107 1,0 3D

107 1,0 5D

206 1,4 3D

206 1,4 5D

206 1,6 3D

206 1,6 5D

206 1,6 CC

206 1,6 HDI 5D

206 2,0 CC

206 RC

206 SW 1,4

206 SW 1,6

307 1,6 3D

307 1,6 5D

307 1,6 HDI 5D

307 1,6 HDI Kombi

307 1,6 HDI SW

307 1,6 Kombi

307 1,6 SW

307 2,0 3D

307 2,0 5D

307 2,0 HDI SW

307 2,0 Kombi

307 2,0 SW

307 CC 2,0

407 1,6 HDI

407 1,8

407 2,0

407 2,0 HDI

407 2,2

407 3,0

407 Coupé 2,2

407 Coupé 2,7 HDI

407 Coupé 3,0

407 SW 1,8

407 SW 2,0

407 SW 2,0 HDI

407 SW 2,2

407 SW 3,0

607 2,0 HDI

607 2,2

607 2,7 HDI

607 3,0

807 2,0

807 2,0 HDI

807 2,2 HDI

Partner Kombi 1,4

Partner Kombi 1,6

Partner Kombi 1,6 HDI



Boxster S

C2 Cabriolet

C2 Coupé

C2 S Cabriolet

C2 S Coupé

C4 Cabriolet

C4 Coupé

C4 S Cabriolet

C4 S Coupé


Cayenne S

Cayenne Turbo

Cayenne Turbo S

Cayman S


Grand Espace 2,2 dCi

Grand Espace 3,5 V6

Grand Scénic 1,6 16V

Clio 1,2 16V

Clio III 1,2 16V

Clio III 1,4 16V

Clio III 1,6 16V

Espace 2,0 16V

Espace 2,0 T

Grand Espace 2,0 dCi

Grand Espace 2,0 T

Grand Scénic 1,9 dCi

Grand Scénic 2,0 16V

Grand Scénic 2,0 T

Kangoo 1,2 16V

Kangoo 1,5 dCi

Kangoo 1,6 16V

Kangoo 1,6 16V 4X4

Laguna 1,9 dCi

Laguna 1,9 dCi Touring

Laguna 2,0 16V

Laguna 2,0 16V Touring

Laguna 2,0 T

Laguna 2,0 T GT

Laguna 2,0 T Touring

Laguna 2,0 T Touring GT

Laguna 3,0 V6

Laguna 3,0 V6 Touring

Master Kombi 2,2 dCi L1/H1

Master Kombi 2,5 dCi L1/H1

Master Kombi 2,5 dCi L2/H2

Master Kombi 3,0 dCi L2/H2

Mégane 1,6 16V

Mégane 1,6 16V Coupé-cabriolet

Mégane 1,6 16V Sedan

Mégane 1,6 16V Touring

Megane 1,9 dCi

Mégane 1,9 dCi Coupé-Cabriolet

Megane 1,9 dCi Sedan

Megane 1,9 dCi Touring

Mégane 2,0 16V

Mégane 2,0 16V Coupé-cabriolet

Mégane 2,0 16V Touring

Mégane 2,0 T Coupé-cabriolet

Mégane 2,0 T RS

Modus 1,2 16V

Modus 1,4 16V

Modus 1,6 16V

Scénic 1,6 16V

Scénic 1,9 dCi

Scénic 2,0 16V

Scénic 2,0 T

Trafic Kombi 1,9 dCi

Trafic Kombi 1,9 dCi lång

Trafic Kombi 2,0 16V

Trafic Kombi 2,0 16V lång

Trafic Kombi 2,5 dCi

Trafic Kombi 2,5 dCi lång

Trafic Passenger 1,9 dCi

Trafic Passenger 2,0 16V

Trafic Passenger 2,5 dCi


9-3 Aero Cabriolet 2,8t

9-3 Aero SportCombi 2,8t

9-3 Aero SportSedan 2,8t

9-3 Cabriolet 1,8t

9-3 Cabriolet 1,9 TiD

9-3 Cabriolet 2,0t

9-3 SportCombi 1,8i

9-3 SportCombi 1,8t

9-3 SportCombi 1,9 TiD/120

9-3 SportCombi 1,9 TiD/150

9-3 SportCombi 2,0t

9-3 SportSedan 1,8i

9-3 SportSedan 1,8t

9-3 SportSedan 1,9 TiD/120

9-3 SportSedan 1,9 TiD/150

9-3 SportSedan 2,0t

9-5 Aero Sedan

9-5 Aero SportCombi

9-5 Sedan 1,9 TiD

9-5 Sedan 2,0t

9-5 Sedan 2,0t BioPower

9-5 Sedan 2,3t

9-5 SportCombi 1,9 TiD

9-5 SportCombi 2,0t

9-5 SportCombi 2,0t BioPower

9-5 SportCombi 2,3t


Alhambra 1,8 Reference

Alhambra 1,8 Sport

Alhambra 2,0 Reference

Alhambra 2,0 TDI Sport

Alhambra 2,8 Sport

Alhambra 2,8 Sport TT4

Altea 1,6 Reference

Altea 1,6 Stylance

Altea 2,0 FSI Reference

Altea 2,0 FSI Stylance

Altea 2,0 TDI Stylance

Cordoba 1,4 16V Reference

Cordoba 1,4 16V Sport

Cordoba 1,4 TDI Reference

Cordoba 1,9 TDI Sport

Ibiza 1,4 16V Reference

Ibiza 1,4 16V Sport

Ibiza 1,4 TDI Reference

Ibiza 1,8 20VT FR

Ibiza 1,9 TDI FR

Ibiza 1,9 TDI Sport

Leon 1,6 Reference

Leon 1,6 Stylance

Leon 2,0 FSI Stylance

Leon 2,0 TDI

Leon 2,0 TFSI Sport-Up

Toledo 1,6 Reference

Toledo 1,6 Stylance

Toledo 2,0 FSI Reference

Toledo 2,0 FSI Stylance

Toledo 2,0 TDI Stylance


Fabia 1,2 Ambiente

Fabia 1,2 Classic

Fabia 1,2 Combi Ambiente

Fabia 1,2 Combi Classic

Fabia 1,2 Combi Elegance

Fabia 1,2 Elegance

Fabia 1,4 16V Ambiente

Fabia 1,4 16V Classic

Fabia 1,4 16V Elegance

Fabia 1,4 Combi 16V Ambiente

Fabia 1,4 Combi 16V Classic

Fabia 1,4 Combi 16V Elegance

Fabia 1,9 Combi TDI Ambiente

Fabia 1,9 Combi TDI Classic

Fabia 1,9 Combi TDI Elegance

Fabia 1,9 TDI Ambiente

Fabia 1,9 TDI Classic

Fabia 1,9 TDI Elegance

Fabia 2,0 Combi Elegance

Fabia 2,0 Elegance

Fabia RS

Octavia Ambiente 1,6 FSI

Octavia Ambiente 1,6 MPI

Octavia Ambiente 1,9 TDI

Octavia Ambiente 2,0 FSI

Octavia Ambiente 2,0 TDI

Octavia Combi 4X4 1,9 TDI

Octavia Combi 4X4 2,0 FSI

Octavia Combi Ambiente 1,6 FSI

Octavia Combi Ambiente 1,6 MPI

Octavia Combi Ambiente 1,9 TDI

Octavia Combi Ambiente 2,0 FSI

Octavia Combi Ambiente 2,0 TDI

Octavia Combi Drive 1,6

Octavia Combi Drive 1,8t

Octavia Combi Drive 1,9 TDI

Octavia Combi Elegance 1,6 FSI

Octavia Combi Elegance 1,6 MPI

Octavia Combi Elegance 1,9 TDI

Octavia Combi Elegance 2,0 FSI

Octavia Combi Elegance 2,0 TDI

Octavia Combi RS 2,0 TFSI

Octavia Combi RS 20V Turbo

Octavia Drive 1,6

Octavia Drive 1,8t

Octavia Drive 1,9 TDI

Octavia Elegance 1,6 FSI

Octavia Elegance 1,6 MPI

Octavia Elegance 1,9 TDI

Octavia Elegance 2,0 FSI

Octavia Elegance 2,0 TDI

Octavia RS 2,0 TFSI

Octavia RS 20V Turbo

Superb Classic 1,8t

Superb Classic 1,8t Tiptronic

Superb Classic 2,0

Superb Classic 2,0 TDI DPF

Superb Classic 2,5 TDI

Superb Classic 2,8

Superb Elegance 1,8t

Superb Elegance 1,8t Tiptronic

Superb Elegance 2,0

Superb Elegance 2,0 TDI DPF

Superb Elegance 2,5 TDI

Superb Elegance 2,8

Superb X 1,8t

Superb X 1,8t Tiptronic

Superb X 2,0

Superb X 2,0 TDI PDF


Forfour 1,1

Forfour 1,3

Forfour 1,5

Forfour 1,5 cdi 50 kW

Forfour 1,5 cdi 70 kW

Forfour BRABUS

Fortwo cabrio 45 kW

Fortwo cabrio BRABUS

Fortwo cabrio CDI 30 kW

Fortwo coupé 37 kW

Fortwo coupé 45 kW

Fortwo coupé BRABUS

Fortwo coupé CDI 30 kW


Forester 2,0 X AWD (PM)

Forester 2,0 X AWD (ZL)

Forester 2,5 XT (Turbo) AWD (3M)

Forester 2,5 XT (Turbo) AWD (3T)

Forester 2,5 XT (Turbo) AWD (YN)

Impreza 2,0R AWD Sedan (1T)

Impreza 2,0R AWD Sports Wagon (1T)

Impreza 2,5 WRX AWD Sedan (EC71)

Impreza 2,5 WRX AWD Sports Wagon (EC72)

Impreza 2,5 WRX STI AWD (EC73)

Legacy 2,0R AWD Sedan (AC)

Legacy 2,0R AWD Sedan (FC)

Legacy 2,0R AWD Sedan (ZW)

Legacy 2,0R AWD Station (AC)

Legacy 2,0R AWD Station (FC)

Legacy 2,0R AWD Station (SW)

Legacy 2,0R AWD Station (ZW)

Legacy 3,0R AWD Sedan (ZK)

Legacy 3,0R AWD Sedan (ZK) Spec,B

Legacy 3,0R AWD Station (ZK)

Legacy 3,0R AWD Station (ZK) Spec,B

Legacy Outback 2,5i AWD Station (AL)

Legacy Outback 2,5i AWD Station (FL)

Legacy Outback 2,5i AWD Station (SN)

Legacy Outback 2,5i AWD Station (ZN)

Legacy Outback 3,0R AWD Station (ZN)


Grand Vitara 1,6 Bas, Ej AC

Grand Vitara 1,6 Komfort

Grand Vitara 1,6 Sport

Grand Vitara 1,9 DDiS Komfort med ESP & TCS

Grand Vitara 1,9 DDiS Limited Sport med ESP & TCS

Grand Vitara 2,0 Bas, Ej AC

Grand Vitara 2,0 Komfort

Grand Vitara 2,0 Komfort AT

Grand Vitara 2,0 Limited Sport

Grand Vitara 2,0 Limited Sport AT

Grand Vitara V6 XL7 Komfort

Grand Vitara V6 XL7 Komfort AT

Grand Vitara V6 XL7 Limited

Grand Vitara V6 XL7 Limited AT

Grand Vitara XL7 TDI

Ignis SUV 1,3 Bas

Ignis SUV 1,3 Komfort

Ignis SUV 1,5 Komfort 4WD

Ignis SUV 1,5 Komfort Styling 4WD

Ignis SUV 1,5 Komfort Styling AT

Jimny AC

Jimny AC AT


Liana 4WD

Liana 4WD AT

Liana Komfort

Liana Komfort AT

Swift 1,3 GL-A Basmodell, Ej AC

Swift 1,3 GL-A Komfort AMT

Swift 1,3 GL-A Komfort MT

Swift 1,5 GLX AT

Swift 1,5 GLX MT


Avensis 1,8 Kombi

Avensis 1,8 Kombi Business

Avensis 1,8 Kombi-Sedan Business

Avensis 1,8 Sedan

Avensis 1,8 Sedan Business

Avensis 2,0 Kombi Business

Avensis 2,0 Kombi-Sedan Business

Avensis 2,0 Sedan Business

Avensis 2,2 D-4D 150 Kombi Business

Avensis 2,2 D-4D 150 Sedan Business

Avensis 2,2 D-4D 180 Kombi Business

Avensis 2,2 D-4D 180 Sedan Business

Avensis 2,4 Kombi Business

Avensis 2,4 Sedan Business

Aygo 1,0 3-D +

Aygo 1,0 5-D +

Corolla 1,4 3-D Linea Terra

Corolla 1,4 5-D Linea Terra

Corolla 1,6 4-D Linea Sol AAC

Corolla 1,6 5-D Linea Sol AAC

Corolla 1,6 5-D Linea Terra

Corolla 1,6 Touring Linea Terra

Corolla 2,0 D-4D Touring Linea Terra A/C

Corolla Verso 1,6

Corolla Verso 1,8 Business

Corolla Verso 2,2 D-4D 135 Business

Corolla Verso 2,2 D-4D 180 Business +

Hiace Traveller ABS

Land Cruiser 100 T-Diesel

Land Cruiser 100 V8

Land Cruiser D-4D

Land Cruiser D-4D HG 7-sät Skinn

Land Cruiser D-4D WB 5-sät

Land Cruiser HG 7-säten Skinn

Land Cruiser WB 5-säten

Prius HSD Business

RAV4 2,0

RAV4 2,0 Business

RAV4 2,2 D-4D 135

RAV4 2,2 D-4D 135 Business

RAV4 2,2 D-4D 180 Executive +

Yaris 1,0 3-D

Yaris 1,0 5-D

Yaris 1,3 3-D

Yaris 1,3 3-D M/M Pluspaket

Yaris 1,3 5-D

Yaris 1,3 5-D M/M Pluspaket

Yaris 1,4 D-4D 3-D

Yaris 1,4 D-4D 3-D M/M Pluspaket

Yaris 1,4 D-4D 5-D

Yaris 1,4 D-4D 5-D M/M Pluspaket


Beetle 2,0

Beetle Cabriolet 1,8T

Beetle Cabriolet 2,0

Beetle Turbo

Caddy Kombi

Caddy Life

Caravelle 1,9 TDI 3000mm

Caravelle 1,9 TDI 3400mm

Caravelle 2,0 3000mm

Caravelle 2,0 3400mm

Caravelle 2,5 TDI 3000mm

Caravelle 2,5 TDI 3000mm 4Motion

Caravelle 2,5 TDI 3400mm

Caravelle 2,5 TDI 3400mm 4Motion

Caravelle 3,2 3000mm

Caravelle 3,2 3000mm 4Motion

Caravelle 3,2 3400mm

Caravelle 3,2 3400mm 4Motion

Fox 1,2

Fox 1,4


Golf 1,6 3d

Golf 1,6 5d

Golf 1,6 FSI 3d

Golf 1,6 FSI 5d

Golf 2,0 FSI 3d

Golf 2,0 FSI 4Motion 3d

Golf 2,0 FSI 4Motion 5d

Golf 2,0 FSI 5d

Golf GT TSI 3d

Golf GT TSI 5d

Golf GTI 3d

Golf GTI 5d

Golf GTI DSG 3d

Golf GTI DSG 5d

Golf Plus 1,6

Golf Plus 1,6 FSI

Golf Plus 2,0 FSI

Golf Plus TDI 105

Golf Plus TDI 140 PF

Golf R32 4Motion 3d

Golf R32 4Motion 5d

Golf R32 4Motion DSG 3d

Golf R32 4Motion DSG 5d

Golf TDI 105 3d

Golf TDI 105 5d

Golf TDI 105 DSG 3d

Golf TDI 105 DSG 5d

Golf TDI 140 PF 3d

Golf TDI 140 PF 5d

Golf TDI 140 PF DSG 3d

Golf TDI 140 PF DSG 5d

Golf Variant 1,4

Golf Variant 1,6

Golf Variant 2,0

Golf Variant 2,0 BiFuel

Golf Variant TDI/100

Golf Variant Turbo

Jetta 1,6

Jetta 2,0 FSI

Jetta 2,0 TFSI

Jetta 2,0 TFSI DSG

Jetta TDI 140 PF

Jetta TDI 140 PF DSG

Multivan Comfortline 1,9TDI

Multivan Comfortline 2,0

Multivan Comfortline 2,5 TDI

Multivan Comfortline 2,5 TDI 4Motion

Multivan Comfortline 3,2

Multivan Comfortline 3,2 4Motion

Multivan Highline 2,5 TDI

Multivan Highline 2,5 TDI 4Motion

Multivan Highline 3,2

Multivan Highline 3,2 4Motion

Multivan Trendline

Multivan Trendline 2,0

Multivan Trendline 2,5 TDI

Multivan Trendline 2,5 TDI 4Motion

Passat 1,6 FSI

Passat 2,0 FSI

Passat 2,0 FSI 4Motion

Passat 2,0 TFSI

Passat TDI 105 DPF

Passat TDI 140 4Motion DPF

Passat TDI 140 DPF

Passat TDI 140 DSG DPF

Passat TDI 170 DPF

Passat TDI 170 DSG DPF

Passat V6 3,2 4Motion

Passat Variant 1,6 FSI

Passat Variant 2,0 FSI

Passat Variant 2,0 FSI 4Motion

Passat Variant 2,0 TFSI

Passat Variant TDI 105 DPF

Passat Variant TDI 140 4Motion DPF

Passat Variant TDI 140 DPF

Passat Variant TDI 140 DSG DPF

Passat Variant TDI 170 DPF

Passat Variant TDI 170 DSG DPF

Passat Variant V6 3,2 4Motion

Phaeton W12, 4-sits

Phaeton V6

Phaeton V6 TDI

Phaeton V8

Polo 1,2/55 3d

Polo 1,2/55 5d

Polo 1,4 FSI 3d

Polo 1,4 FSI 5d

Polo 1,4/100 3d

Polo 1,4/100 5d

Polo 1,4/75 3d

Polo 1,4/75 5d

Polo TDI 3d

Polo TDI 5d

Sharan 2,0

Sharan TDI 115

Sharan TDI 140

Sharan Turbo

Sharan V6 4Motion Comfortline

Sharan V6 Comfortline

Shuttle 1,9 TDI 3000mm

Shuttle 1,9 TDI 3400mm

Shuttle 2,0 3000mm

Shuttle 2,0 3400mm

Shuttle 2,5 TDI 3000mm

Shuttle 2,5 TDI 3000mm 4Motion

Shuttle 2,5 TDI 3400mm

Shuttle 2,5 TDI 3400mm 4Motion

Shuttle 3,2 3000mm

Shuttle 3,2 3000mm 4Motion

Shuttle 3,2 3400mm

Shuttle 3,2 3400mm 4Motion

Touareg R5 TDI DPF

Touareg V10 TDI DPF

Touareg V6

Touareg V6 TDI DPF

Touareg V8

Touran 1,6

Touran 1,6 FSI

Touran 2,0 EcoFuel

Touran 2,0 FSI

Touran TDI 105

Touran TDI 105 DSG

Touran TDI 140 DSG PF

Touran TDI 140 PF


C70 140 hk

C70 170 hk

C70 Cabriolet 2,0 T

C70 Cabriolet 2,4T

C70 Cabriolet T5

C70 T5

S40 1,6

S40 1,6D

S40 1,8

S40 1,8F Flexifuel

S40 2,0D

S40 2,4

S40 2,4i

S40 T5

S40 T5 AWD

S60 2,4 140 HK

S60 2,4 170 HK

S60 2,4D

S60 2,5 T

S60 2,5T AWD

S60 Bi-Fuel CNG

S60 D

S60 D5


S60 T5

S80 2,4 140 HK

S80 2,4 170 HK

S80 2,5 T

S80 2,5 T AWD

S80 2,9

S80 Bi-Fuel CNG

S80 T6

V50 1,6

V50 1,6D

V50 1,8

V50 1,8F Flexifuel

V50 2,0D

V50 2,4

V50 2,4i

V50 T5

V50 T5 AWD

V70 2,4 140 HK

V70 2,4 170 HK

V70 2,4D

V70 2,5 T

V70 2,5T AWD

V70 Bi-Fuel CNG

V70 D

V70 D5

V70 D5 AWD


V70 T5

XC70 2,5 T

XC70 D5

XC90 2,5 T 5-sits

XC90 2,5 T 7-sits

XC90 D5 5-sits

XC90 D5 7-sits

XC90 D5 Executive 7-sits

XC90 T6 5-sits

XC90 T6 7-sits

XC90 V8 5-sits

XC90 V8 7-sits

XC90 V8 Executive 7-sits

High Quality Auto Supplies -

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TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 18:28:20

New Snowblower 15 hp
(NOTE: Price EUR 1350: -incl VAT)

Two Stage with 15 hp engine, 108cm working width, Led lighting, heated handles and 220v electric start.

Manoeuvrable differential lock on the wheels makes the machine easy and simple to run / swing with very good traction in all conditions. Suitable for large areas or places with lots of snow.


Engine: 15 hp, 4-stroke

Throw 15m

Entry height 51 cm

Entry Width 108 cm

Differential lock

Switches 5 front 2 back

Start Electric 220v / starter cord

Lighting 12 LED

Heated handles

Accessories: Snow chains

Price EUR 1350: - including VAT

A snow blower or snow thrower is a machine for removing snow from an area where it is not wanted, such as a driveway, sidewalk, roadway, railroad track, ice rink, runway, or houses. Snow machines sales note to contact Gillian tel. 0046 (0) 70 547 48 35

Ny Snøfreser 15HK (MERK: Pris NOK 12600: -incl mva)

To stage med 15 hk motor, 108cm arbeidsbredde, LED-belysning, varme i håndtakene og 220v elektrisk start.

Manøvrerbar differensialsperre på hjulene gjør maskinen lett og enkelt å kjøre / swing med svært god trekkraft under alle forhold. Egnet for store områder eller steder med mye snø.


Motor: 15 hk, 4-takts

Kast 15m

Entry høyde 51 cm

Entry Bredde 108 cm


Brytere fem foran to tilbake

Elektrisk Start 220v / startsnor

Belysning 12 LED

Varme i håndtakene

Tilbehør: Kjettinger

Pris NOK 12 600: - inkl mva

En snøfreser er en maskin for å fjerne snø fra et område der det ikke er ønsket, for eksempel en innkjørsel, fortau, kjørebane, jernbane spor, skøytebane, rullebane, eller hus. Snøryddingsutstyr salg beskjed til Gillian tlf. 0046 (0) 70 547 48 35

Uusi Lumilinko 15 hp (HUOM: Hinta EUR 1350: -incl alv)

Kaksi stage 15 hp moottori, 108cm Työleveys, LED-valaistus, lämmitetty kahvat ja 220V sähköstartti.

Ketterä tasauspyörästön lukitus pyörien ansiosta kone yksinkertaista ja helppoa ajaa / swing kanssa erittäin hyvän pidon kaikissa olosuhteissa. Soveltuu laajoja alueita tai paikkoja, jossa on paljon lunta.


Moottori: 15 hv, 4-tahti

Heitä 15m

Entry korkeus 51 cm

Entry Leveys 108 cm

Tasauspyörästön lukitus

Kytkimet 5 edessä 2 takana

Aloita Electric 220V / käynnistysnaru

Valaistus 12 LED


Varusteet: Lumiketjut

Hinta EUR 1350: - arvonlisävero mukaan luettuna

Lumilinko tai lumilinko on kone poistaminen lumen alueella, jossa se ei ole halunnut, kuten ajotieltä, jalkakäytävä, ajorata, rautatien, jäähalli, kiitotien tai taloja.

Lumikoneiden myynti-ilmoitus yhteyshenkilö Gilian puh. 0046 (0) 70 547 48 35

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Reindeer Meat Production

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 15:08:18

Production and Wholesale of Premium Reindeer Meat in Northern Lapland

Tromsø, Norway

The question we ask today is whether the capacity of the production facilities for reindeer meat production in northern Lapland harnessed for optimum reindeer meat production and processing. I start with the question, given the fact that reindeer herding in the montane relate to very high requirements on an annual production adjustment in time intervals as well as access to pre-processed meat. Due to factors such as climate adaptation, snow conditions and more so varies the annual reindeer collection period for the winter a lot and it makes a whole production chain facing a big flexibility requirement. Although this variation and this process here does not present a dramatic impact on the final production frequency but it has still an impact. Disruptions in supply and demand can occur during periods and therefore coordination from a trade perspective is essential. An estimate of demand in the local and regional market might be easily prepared for production levels but how is demand from the international and national market been managed for a demand? As we argued in a previous context, so we estimated that there was access to a range of growing market areas for reindeer meat in a geographically contingent perspective. One example that we mentioned about was the sheer number of newly opened luxury restaurants and hotel restaurants in Estonia. As I said, foreign tourism in this part of the world has had a hugely expansive development and this has led to, among other things, that the Irish beef industry has received a major growth by Irish restaurant chains that have established themselves in the luxury districts. During our recent visit to Tallinn, Estonia, so we got to experience a genuine food culture with a very thorough foundation in the Estonian tradition. Just this factor along with the aspect of an international business traveler and a luxury tourist today requires variety and often choose the most special on the menu, so too has the exclusive reindeer meat with details such as fillet, steak and many noble processed meat details a very solid place in the Estonian kitchen. With this as background the authorities responsible for food exports should account of this fact together with the established restaurant industry in franshice development. With the recent developments in refrigeration packaging so now also transport conditions with today's demands have created a great advantage for the development of wholesale activities in reindeer meat industry. But this refrigeration-, /cool packaging regulation also means that less established production facilities with sales in a quick and convenient way can be able to deliver fresh meat to destinations that usually otherwise have been out of the distance in terms of unsustainable. Now there are all prerequisites to quickly and easily send special cooling packages with fresh meat and delivery requirements within a specified time. All this has in recent years become researched to maintain as high quality as possible, according to luxury restaurants 'requirements and food authorities' recommendations. Reindeer meat is considered in many parts of the world today as the best meat and the absolute most luxurious food form. Therein also quality requirements is been set high and specially trained inspectors constantly controls and review approved quality set by national and local food authorities.

Giuen Invest Management Limited.

Stron House 100 Pall Mall.

London, England, UK.


Roger K. Olsson

VAT: GB 07371355.


Luxury Food Export

Copyright 2014 Roger K. Olsson

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KAMAZ Trucks for Export

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 14:39:04

Commercial heavy duty truck certification

There are many applicable specifications

In the last couple of years there has been many regulations which has been implemented when it comes to the certification of heavy-duty trucks. Because of the problems which are currently experienced with climate change and the greenhouse effect there are many countries that are implementing stricter regulations in order to control the impact which heavy-duty trucks have on the environment. All newly manufactured products must therefore meet PM filter requirements and there are many countries that have set timelines for when old trucks should be replaced in order to comply with new regulations.

Many countries manufacture heavy-duty vehicles

Heavy truck manufacturing is no longer limited to well developed countries but rather there are now many other countries who has entered into this industry such as Russia, India and China. Although such heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing was initially only focused on supplying in the need of those countries they have soon seen an opportunity to export those heavy-duty trucks to other countries. Russia had their Ural brand of heavy-duty trucks while China has CAM and India primarily Tata and many of these vehicles now find their way to foreign markets.

The guidelines for heavy duty vehicle registration

Because many countries have their own vehicle manufacturing industries they do not look kindly on the import of other vehicles which has been manufactured aboard. When such vehicles are allowed to enter into these countries they are required to meet certain very specific standards. There are also normally relatively high import costs involved with such imports. In order to regulate the import of foreign vehicles there are normally predetermined locations which has to be used in order to bring a new heavy-duty vehicle into a specific country. Before such a vehicle will be allowed to enter that country it must comply with very strict guidelines and it should be suitable for the conditions which that vehicle will encounter in that country. There are also the issue of left-hand or right-hand vehicles and depending on the country to which that vehicle are exported this will be a very important qualifying factor during such an important process.

Importing to the United Arab Emirates

Although the UAE are looking favorable upon trade with most foreign countries it nevertheless has very specific guidelines in order to effectively regulate all imports into that country. Customs fees are payable on most imports and some of the things which are especially needed before a specific import is cleared are the delivery order, the packaging list with its HS code, the import goods declaration, the original bill of landing, and customs will also require the Certificate of Origin with an original or an authentic copy. The UAE also acquire any person or institution who desires to do business within its borders to have a trade license which has been issued by the UAE authorities. This only some of the considerations which will be important when considering the exportation of heavy-duty vehicles into the UAE. It will be important to do sufficient research in order to ensure that all of the guidelines are fully complied with in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Commercial Heavy Duty Truck Certification - General Investment Management. Click Here to Enter!

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KAMAZ Jordbrukstraktor

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 14:26:43

KAMAZ Limited Liability Company "Kama Tractor Plant" (OOO "KamTZ")

Limited Liability Company "Kama Tractor Plant" (OOO "KamTZ") godkändes 25.08.2008 år. Således har KAMAZ blivit förknippat inte bara med de mest populära lastbilarna i Ryssland, men också med kraftfulla hjultraktorer för jordbruks ändamål (jordbruks traktorer). Tillverkning och Monteringsfabrik i Naberezhnye Chelny, som arrangerades av dokumentation och tekniken är väl känd i världen av bl a McCormick.

Anläggningen har hög kapacitet och produktion av 4 traktorer per skift.

Anläggningen producerar fyra modeller av traktorer: KAMAZ CMAX-85, KAMAZ CMAX-105, KAMAZ XTX-185, och KAMAZ HTZ-215, som är i konstant efterfrågan på den ryska marknaden.

Fyrhjulsdrivna traktorer KAMAZ CMAX-85 och KAMAZ CMAX-105 levereras med 4,4-liters dieselmotorer IVECO Beta Effekt, respektive 81,6 och 98,6 hk med specifierad bränsleförbrukning på 200 g / kWh och oljebytesintervall på 500 timmar. Transmission - Back 8-växlad reduktionsväxel. Installation - 16 hastigheter. Bakaxeln är försedd med en låsbar differential spärr. Hytt med monterad elektronisk display för att informera operatören om parametrarna för maskinen. Hydraulisk pump i det hydrauliska styrsystemet ger ett ökat tryck och sparar bränsle.

Större modeller, XTX KAMAZ KAMAZ-185 och HTZ-215 dieselmotorer är utrustade med en kapacitet på 173, 198, 202 eller 228 hk De har en 32-växlad transmission (med kryp antalet steg ökar till 48). Kopplingssystem erbjuds två, manuell eller automatisk, båda med växling utan att avbryta kraftflödet. Bromssystem med skivbromsar, som arbetar i ett oljebad, garanterar säkerheten för bromsning. För alla modeller från traktorer finns ett brett utbud av tillbehör till ett brett spektrum av arbetstillfällen.


Pris i Naberezhnye Chelny 214 226 SEK

KAMAZ CMAX-85 på Agroserver

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Ved / Pinewood / Firewood

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 11:38:56

Ved er solgt billig - Vi har tørt og ferskt kløyvd ved tre for salg til en god pris. Note, pris kløft blandved ca 30 cm i lengde. Tilgjengelig i Karesuando, vedprodusent i Karesuando, nord Sverige. 450 NKR / m3.

Ved säljes billigt - Vi har torr och färsk kluven brasved till salu till bra pris.
Obs, pris för kluven blandved ca 30 cm längd. Finns i Karesuando. 495 kr / m3.

Firewood - We have dry and freshly chopped pinewood for sale at a good price. Note, price for split pinewood about 30 cm in length. Available in Karesuando, the producer in Karesuando, northern Sweden. 495 SEK / m3.

Roger. Call: 0046 70 5474835

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Copper Cathode Stockpiles for Sale

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 11:21:03

For Copper Cathode the price is US $ 5,500 per MT. The buyer is looking for contracts or purchase orders for worldwide shipping.

Giuen Invest Management Ltd. (GMOL)

Stron House 100 Pall Mall

SW1Y 5EA London, UK

VAT: 07371355


Roger K. Olsson


Website: Giuelith Timantti Ltd.

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The Price of Gold

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 11:14:44

Pure Gold Supplier:

Gold purity is one of the key features in determining the value of physical gold assets. Everything depends on the rate of gold, its purity, the commercial grade.

For investment and value assessment, the purer a gold coin, bar or ingot is, the more it is worth. Purity is determined by a value known as karats.

For example, 99 percent pure gold is 24 karats, 75 percent gold is 18 karats, 50 percent gold is 12 karats and so on.

Among common Gold Jewelries, Gold Bars and Gold Coins, the highest purity is 99.99%

In the U.S., the Federal Trade commission strictly regulates the karat markings used in the country for nearly a century.

Since the mid-90s all of the smaller gold bars made by modern foundries have a high level of purity and weight accuracy.

There are a variety of ways to determine gold purity. One of the least expensive methods is the acid-scratch test. Our vendors use advanced techniques and latest machines with high precision in order to ensure its purity and quality. For most individual gold investors, an acid-scratch test will be sufficient. Karatbars

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Gold Offered For Sale

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 11:07:16


Here at Giuelith Timantti Ltd. Metal Trading Company we have a variety of gold for sale. Our gold for sale are high in purity and 100% natural. As of 2014-03-20 our offer including 85 kg gold nuggets and 50 kg gold dust on a monthly quantity (Initial trial order 20 kg). All offered gold nuggets includes high purity gold of 92% origin from Democratic Republic of Congo. The gold nuggets are stored in a safety deposit box with the tracking from the security agency. Our price is US $ 30 per gram for gold nuggets. Our high purity gold dust of 94% origin from Accra-Ghana US $ 30,000 per kilo. The gold have been cleaned, leaving the total weight being of all gold.


We are also looking for buyers to over 5000 karats of diamonds for sale. On diamonds the size for the small is 4 karats and the biggest is 16 karats. Our price for the diamonds is US $ 900 per karats.

All stockpiles of gold and diamonds comes from government licensed prospectors. (Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice due to gold spot fluctuation).


1. My representative/shipper will deliver the gold dust to London -UK where both buyer and my representative will meet.

2. During the meeting, Buyer will examine the gold dust; weigh the

gold dust to ascertain the weight and quantity.

3. Buyer would then take random samples for analysis to verify the

quality and purity of the gold dust.

4. After satisfactory analysis, buyer will make down payment of 30% of the total value to seller's representative.

5. When the payment is done and confirmed, the gold dust will be

handed over to the buyer.

6. The balance of payment will be made into seller's nominated bank

account within 5-7 days after buyer has refined the gold dust.

7. Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) will be signed between buyer and seller before the gold dust is delivered.

All Gold Offered For Sale are (Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice due to gold spot fluctuation)

We are grateful that you chose to contact us regarding gold. We work with a number of mining companies in order to provide access to market demand. I can see that we have a number of different representative to the availability of request product. We have as a basis to identify quantity, price and information for special requirements to match the supply, a country to which a delivery refers demand and delivery; insurance; packaging; shipment tracking; delays; shipping prices and so on. We set up a consulting proposal, then we contact the owner of that product order via Letter of Intent (LOI) and providing an appointment as well as all the necessary information for a letter of intent or a purchase order.

MT-760 Document


Roger K. Olsson

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What is Retail Supply Chain Management?

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 10:43:21

State of the Retail Supply Chain 2016/17

Now we face the stage when we should get us a benchmark company for the parts of our product line in the mining service. We would therefore advise that the mining companies who use our products and services can notify their interest to participate in an in-depth product dialog. This analytical program is included in a subsequent product development effort toward a broader product range and to identify more specific product requirements of the market. The new line of wholesale trade in Europe is also part of what we call a calculated growth in wholesale retail trade. New offerings will integrate a greater interest and an attractive profitability. New outlets will be established through the following campaign and it is especially lucrative not least specificially for large parts of Europe where the opportunity to trade our high quality products at competitive prices is estimate to grow. The governing factor and the driving shaft of this is that by increasing volumes and efficient transport solutions we will make presses price situation further.

How to reach retail supply chains

If we consult expertise who offers innovative supply chain solutions to our consumer and retail clients? This question has been considered and will be on the agenda for the next meeting. Since a number of different types of franchise concepts have great need of supplementation in their product range of this magnitude there is a need to further consider over what the imputed conditions are in reality in today's Europe for this business area. Retail supply chains are being driven by customer demands more than earlier. And our ability to service the request can be well on your way. We will also establish partnerships and resume contacts with several national railway companies and associated services for a future collaboration with a new product line. It is in this segment that we intend to establish the second basic direct sale to the end consumer.

Services to leading retail companies

In the retail industry consumer expectations are high and competition is heavy. Competitiveness for us is not only the current lessons to understand the past trends and future projections of retail industry supply chains. Our retail program gives retailers quick and easy access to accurate regulatory compliance and sustainability data. In spite of this and with preferential agreements within the logistics together we can face the future macro economic growth and our demand.

Capability and geographic reach

Based on industry insight our ability to optimize retail supply chains is crucial to the success of any organisation in the retail industry and the efficiency is explained with the system for the management of larger orders for major national projects, procurements and direct large purchases for industry. These are the safe and strong business models and this through our good trait to be friendly and have the privilege to offer direct contact with the factory and the production as a first step to a larger business. Supply chain professionals across a wide range of industries will have the same ability and priority in the first conduct with these expected order quantities wherever you find yourselves in the world.

Board of Directors

Roger K. Olsson

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A Global Sourcing Marketplace

TradePosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 10:38:05

A Global Sourcing Marketplace -

Intelligent Landing Page (Version B) -

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