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Arctic Voices - Forum

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This blog is maintained by Alina and Roger and is meant information and updates of everyday activities from around the globe and here in Northern Europe. This is "The way of personal branding" - A consulting business and ideas to get attention for your small business as well.

We live with comfort and harmony in the far north of the North European mountains and surrounding countryside that prevails here. We live in a great passion for the landscape, the climate and the environment. This means that we operate both in theory and practice very flexible to meet our daily life with its performances, adventures and challenges. We share in common the humility that this gift means to us.

Indeed, grateful we possess the common knowledge and experience about very much thanks to many years of study and a long working life. Through coordination and cooperation in many different areas, we create the network and form resources. Hence, we can answer any questions that come up here, and if we, contrary to expectation can not answer any specific question, then we can find out right answer for you. Welcome to our new website and blog!

Emergency Preparedness

Open Society FoundationsPosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 12:50:21

Humanitarian Response, Disaster Monitoring and Mitigation

Donate Now! ... Giuelith Timantti Ltd. Foundation is sending emergency relief funds to trusted aid organizations that are working day and night to help survivors rebuild damaged homes and infrastructure. We have over the last year sent gifts for the equivalent of more than US $ 6,000 to humanitarian efforts through UNICEF.

Emergency Management Funding Campaign

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