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This blog is maintained by Alina and Roger and is meant information and updates of everyday activities from around the globe and here in Northern Europe. This is "The way of personal branding" - A consulting business and ideas to get attention for your small business as well.

We live with comfort and harmony in the far north of the North European mountains and surrounding countryside that prevails here. We live in a great passion for the landscape, the climate and the environment. This means that we operate both in theory and practice very flexible to meet our daily life with its performances, adventures and challenges. We share in common the humility that this gift means to us.

Indeed, grateful we possess the common knowledge and experience about very much thanks to many years of study and a long working life. Through coordination and cooperation in many different areas, we create the network and form resources. Hence, we can answer any questions that come up here, and if we, contrary to expectation can not answer any specific question, then we can find out right answer for you. Welcome to our new website and blog!

Attention in Budget

Economic CooperationPosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 18:22:15

Worldwide Microcredit System - Invests in Leading Social Entrepreneurs

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Economic CooperationPosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 10:20:21

Giuelith Timantti Ltd. - Contract Negotiation Best Practice

The structure of the workload, training systems and advanced key areas of better total cost opportunities to managing contracts in our company. If you follow my lead you'll be more competitive, you'll be a better supplier. This expanded to the whole overall growth is not as difficult as it seems and it is not to reduce profits because 80% of the costs are on the same questions. Frequently asked questions in the system solve dramatic costs in advance to have people sitting and answering these questions. Also, there is dramatic opportunities to reduce supply chain costs, inventory supply costs, and shipping costs. Everybody heard about win win, to achieve win win? We'll requests for proposals and divide the key factors. We must try to remove costs from the supply chain! This is one of the most important areas in the entire supply chain management. Think about the difference to remove costs from the supply chain in opposite to move costs lower down in the supply chain. Manufacturing costs reduction without quality defects and anyway performing better than the competition. The higher you take the quality the higher the costs, engineers like their toys that ads costs, we must communicate if we are telling that increases total costs.

We like to finish the contacts as fast as possible, therefore we must be clear on practices and behaivour's. It is important to understand what's going on the contract, knowledge about purchasing contract law can help the legal department who have to do the contract. A standard contract line in terms of customer benefits has to be better. Breach of contract is a legal cause of action in which a binding agreement or bargained-for exchange is not honored by one or more of the parties to the contract by non-performance or interference with the other party's performance. A breach of contract can result in legal consequences for the breaching party. A breach may either be material or non-material depending on the nature of the breach. This is what we want to prevent so that the contract may apply to all the supply warrants. We also want to prevent predictable excursions why we include custom contract clauses that address predictable excursions. What is the internal cost components of the supplier? When can you do me a proposal buy? Industrial classifications code, that's were it all starts together with a supplier discount. I want to see approached price discount also based on the average fixed cost per unit reduction, not only a variable cost per unit. Cost modelling strategies means I must have a team in place that has visibility to various cost components, differentiate between assumptions, estimates, and facts. We do consider uncontrollable costs and controllable costs. The cost model the more complex it is the more likely it is wrong or not good, the more basic it is the better it is.

It all about allowing the vendor to win while still meeting the high value objectives and ensuring the supplier feels good about the deal. The science of an analyst before a negotiation means being prepared before negotiations. You need to ask the supplier what success means for them. Also, before big negotiations may pre-negotiation session is necessary. Use concession matrix allow you to give away things that cost you very little but means very much value for the supplier, you'll achieve the big objectives and not sacrifice on the most important for the supplier. Good results, improve your supplier performance, conduct a successful negotiation and increased success!

Giuen Invest Management Ltd. (GMOL)

Stron House 100 Pall Mall

SW1Y 5EA London, UK

VAT: 07371355


Roger K. Olsson

Phone: +46 (0) 70 5474835


Website: Giuelith Timantti Ltd.

Further Information:

High Quality Iron Ore Supply - Iron Ore Index

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Iron Ore

Economic CooperationPosted by Roger Mon, November 28, 2016 10:07:01

Giuelith Timantti Ltd. Metal Trade - How do we pay attention to the market?

The metal trade company may conduct a great market and a growing demand for the services that we provide. Therefore it would be applied values to conduct global confidence for the key raw material and commodity according to the steel consumption. The way we pay attention to the market is not only the dynamics driving the market but also the expectations of the demand. The commitments that we have made is based on Iron ore prices and interest rates. Moreover, the metal market represents therein of the fact of macroeconomics, commercial, industrial and societal standards. Revised outlook for industrial production to reflect the effects of increased shale gas production and lower natural gas prices, also resulting in faster growth for industrial production and consumption. The industries primarily affected include energy intensive bulk chemicals and primary metals, both of which provide products used by the mining and other downstream industries such as fabricated metals and machinery. The macroeconomic projections in the outlook are trend projections, with no major shocks assumed and with potential growth determined by the economy’s supply capability. Growth in aggregate supply depends on increases in the labor force, growth of capital stocks, and improvements in productivity. Long-term demand growth depends on labor force growth, income growth, and population growth. Macroeconomics on balance, demographic trends combined with the employment and income factors to produce a 30% increase from 2014 to 2040 in analysis from the energy outlook development that seems in a new approach which resulted in a significantly lower level of growth after 2018 in compared with 41% growth estimated 2013. Therefore, In the mining sector we are talking about what we call "supply driven development" instead of "demand driven development."

Therefore, to prepare for this change, an alternative choice is what accounts for the agenda of the Giuelith Timantti Ltd. metal trade division. In practice, further work on compiling a demand on one side and the supply on the other side makes us the opportunity to get us into something really realistic as organization together with cooperating partners of a international metal trade chain. With the integrity as a high trust organization as a fundamental value with it, high confidence and that the business structure that we believe may represent appropriate procurement contracts at market effective trading relationships may be seen as a resource in a marginal change in the mining sector as well as in the steel sector. Therefore, we advocate recommended cooperative actors from mining companies with supply and steelmakers for demand that follow the released structure in the form for the metal trade by listing the supply and/or demand for our database and our future work. Upon that we have received an application for the supply and/or demand we will continue to identify an optimum level to open up a dialogue for respective unit. Thereafter comes the second phase, touching market issue of whether the process will be implemented in a level for the global negotiation. Note that this application assessment is not according to trading with swaps but pysical trade with the commodity (Magnetite and Hematite Iron ore).

The process may follow this below structure after initial contact by call:

Confirmation call: +46 (0) 70 5474835.

Iron Ore Procurement Contracts

Quality: This standard allows to ensure

consistency in the price normalization process.

Iron Content (Fe): 62%

Moisture: 8%

Loss on Ignition:

Silicon Dioxide: 3.0%

Alumina: 1.5%

Phosphorus: 0.075%

Sulfur: 0.02%

Impurities normalization:


Size of concentrate:

Size of pellets: (Iron ore blast furnace pellets).

Size of fines:

Quantity: Min. parcel size 50,000 metric tonnes.

Location: Freight differentials and FOB.

Timing: Delivery within 2-8 weeks from date of publication.

Payment: 100% payment at sight.

Unit of assessment: US Dollars per dry metric ton.






Executive name:



Application for Assessment:

Send application for assessment by email to:

This process may be confirmed before the case can come to legal effect.

Statement of Procurement Practice:

Lump premiums vary from company to company, depending on when agreements are reached, brands, volumes, and whether they are negotiated as a package with other products.

Metallurgical properties have not been specified in line with current spot trading convention.

Here is been determined specific export terminals from the main iron ore shipping countries, wherein distances can be viewed from this link.

Transport costs in the Baltic Dry Index can since 1985 be viewed at

Price changes to offers will be considered in the assessment process only if the improvements in the price of offers are incremental in nature.

We considers transactions, bids/offers and market indications that are reflective of typical conditions and originating from sources deemed reliable.

Giuen Invest Management Ltd. (GMOL)

Stron House 100 Pall Mall

SW1Y 5EA London, UK

VAT: 07371355


Roger K. Olsson

Phone: +46 (0) 70 5474835



World Iron Ore responsible procurement policy and procurement processes with steel mills

Higher purpose

Avoid radicalization and raise moral in the decision making process! Even here it is important to remember that this sort of trade and long term cooperation and partnership agreements are not business as usual for people gained their knowledge of general trade at any business school. It is to include itself in a political issue with recognizion respect, human rights, social and economic issues.

World Iron Ore responsible procurement policy and procurement processes with steel mills Giuelith Timantti Ltd.

Roger K. Olsson

Further Information:

High Quality Iron Ore Supply - Iron Ore Index

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